Defaming the Ashram community – page 373

On page 373, he defames the members of the Ashram where he has lived for the past 40 years.

Such experiences were comparatively infrequent even for those who were advanced enough to have them. As a rule, people spent most of their time in what Sri Aurobindo called the lower consciousness, caught up in the play of ordinary thought and emotion. They did their work, but sometimes argued with their colleagues. They met their neighbors, and sometimes slandered them behind their backs. At home they read Sri Aurobindo’s works, or indulged in sexual daydreams. They attended pranam, and sometimes were consumed by jealousy because the Mother smiled more warmly at another. Then, while walking on the pier or sitting at home or dusting books in the library, they might again be lifted above the mind and perceive the one soul in all, or plunge into their heart and feel the fire of the psychic being.

(lives, page 373)

First, no references are provided in this passage. Where in the primary sources is it said that they slandered each other behind their backs ?

The remark, “At home they read Sri Aurobindo’s works, or indulged in sexual daydreams” makes it seem as if engaging in sexual daydreams was part of their daily routine.

The author displays total lack of understanding of the manner in which the psyche develops through Yoga.  The outer nature is initially untamed but gradually comes under control of the inner soul.   That is what the passage should have disclosed.

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1 Response to Defaming the Ashram community – page 373

  1. mike says:

    lt’s hard to believe that heehs has lived at the ashram for 40 years, and can make such such ridiculous assumptions. l think it might be coming from frustration with his own sadhana and the lack of any real experiences in his own particular case.
    He sounds like a very embittered man to me..
    lt’s like he’s got a wall in front of his eyes.

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