Misleading remarks page 328

On page 328, we have

From a certain point of view, however, Aurobindo wrote the works he published in the Arya more for himself than for others. ‘I wanted to throw out certain things that were moving in my mind,’ he once said. ‘If nobody reads and understands, it does not matter.’

The distortion of quotations is done behind the innocuous-sounding phrase “from a certain point of view”. The distortion is that the next two sentences, presented here as one single idea in one single context, are in fact from two very different sources, times and contexts. The first one is from Purani’s talks of August 26, 1926, and the second is noted by V. Chidanandam (“Sri Aurobindo at Evening Talks,” Mother India 24 [August 1972]: 484). The two are artificially clubbed together to give the false impression that Sri Aurobindo might not have cared about what he wrote and for whom he wrote, which is an utterly false conclusion.

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