Madame Theon’s revelations are bizarre – page 253

In this short note, we cover another distortion in this book which no one seems to have caught.

This is the passage on page 253:

During their three month stay, Mirra underwent a profound inner development, but this was due more to Theon’s wife that to Theon himself.  Madame Theon was `a marvellous woman from the point of view of experience,’ although her intellect was rather ordinary.  Theon, on the other hand, had comparatively little experience, but an encyclopedic knowledge of things occult.  A few lines from him was enough to inspire his wife to write pages and pages of what today might be called channeled writings.  But these revelations, according to one French critic, were `written in such a bizarre manner that even the most cultivated men (unless they were themselves `Cosmic’) quickly abandoned the attempt to read them.’ Mirra was aware of the deficiencies of Madame Theon’s writing, but felt that this extraordinary woman was in contact with genuine sources of knowledge.( page 253)

In this passage, Peter Heehs, via the opinions of some French critic, has effectively dismantled Madame Theon’s revelations.  Did the Mother actually think Madame Theon’s writing was deficient ?  Let us go back to the primary source, which in this case is the Agenda

Theon’s wife dictated it in English while she was in trance. Another English lady who was there claimed to know French like a Frenchman. ‘Myself, I never use a dictionary,’ she would say, ‘I don’t need a dictionary.’ But then she would turn out such translations! She made all the classic mistakes of English words that mustn’t be translated like that. Then it was sent to me in Paris for correcting. It was literally impossible. (Agenda, Oct 22 1960)

So the deficiency was in the French translation, which was being undertaken without the use of a dictionary.  There was nothing wrong with Madama Theon’s revelations.

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2 Responses to Madame Theon’s revelations are bizarre – page 253

  1. why hees was ever allowed into the archives is bewildering-especially since he is not even a devote but there to go through Sri Aurobindo’s papers as a historian, which Sri Aurobindo warned against writing of his life because the external things did not matter and what went on within Him were not things one could tell. -it’s one thing for him to write books as he chooses and quite another to be the person allowed access to Sri Aurobindo’s papers. One can only wonder at what the people running were thinking -where Their heads are at. I would personally find it an amazing honor and Blessing and divine responsibility to have access and any control at all as he seems to over the papers and most especially how I present them- I would know I must be very open to Mother Sri Aurobindo for any such attempt- Heehs is not even so close to them that he feels compelled to refer to Him as Sri Aurobindo- what is this man doing in the Ashram Archives? I noticed in the book titled, “The Future Evolution of Man”, compiled by P.B Saint-Hilaire, given the name Pavitra by the Mother, the last sentence of the Preface reads, “Our aim will be accomplished if the reader is induced to turn to the original works.” Heehs being in the Archives is ridiculous- the worst is that he is allowed access.

  2. It is best to read the works of Mother SriAurobindo, rather than to read others’ works about them, until one has got their own thorough appreciation and feel for them. -And they speak of their lives quite a bit in their own words to not have to refer to what another says of them for an indication or impression. -What Heehs is doing : This is how the truth becomes warped and twisted and muddied with falsehood.

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